To measure is to know

Let retailers experiment with super simple sensors (e.g. CO₂, people counter, temperature) with a 'plug-and-play' connected app and analysis platform.
The municipality of Rotterdam wants to empower local retailers in their journey to make better use of available digital technologies and possibilities. One way to do this is by providing access to a toolset that allows a 'layman' to start measure and learn from data. Especially in Covid-19 times making use of (digital) technology available can make a big difference.
One of the projects we've been working on is to provide local retailers with our in house developed set of sensors, app and platform: Sensorbloxx. With Sensorbloxx retailers can for example easily measure the amount of people in their store, or get a clear indication of air quality by measuring CO₂ levels.
We help retailers to set up experiments with the Sensorbloxx toolset and get actionable insights that they can immediately benefit from. In addition we analyse the meta data that comes from the experiments to create insights for the municipality that they can use to improve their policies.
Prototyping mindset
Offline data
Create digital insights of the physical space
End-to-end solutions
Combine hardware (IoT) devices with well designed software solutions
This project was realized through a contribution from REACT-EU.

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